ADP Payroll Review 2023: Features, Pricing and More

adp payroll reviews

ADP can be a good option for business owners who want to use a trusted payroll company. It’s also worth using the platform since they offer personalized plans and extensive features. ADP is one of the largest, most established payroll companies for both small businesses and large corporations. It’s possible to use the ADP https://www.bookstime.com/articles/bookkeeping-and-payroll-services payroll services for companies with as little as one employee. ADP offers payroll and HR solutions for businesses of any size and offers more features than similar services. Launched in February 2021, Roll can accommodate from one to to 100 employees and is backed by ADP, one of the largest payroll companies in the U.S.

Paychex is one of the country’s largest payroll and HR services and offers platforms for small companies (as little as one employee) to companies with 1,000+ employees. Businesses wanting phone-based customer support or additional features like HR benefits should consider a standard Run by ADP small business package. Customers will pay an annual base fee and a per-payroll processing fee. While there may be cheaper online-only payroll providers, such as Gusto, they may not provide as many features. As a result, these companies can be better if you only need basic HR benefits and payroll scheduling. For example, a business with eight employees may have different payroll options than a business with 300 employees.

ADP pricing, plans and features

The company uses physical and technical security measures to protect its data and users. ADP keeps up with security threats and is transparent about resolution issues and threat statuses. Overall, ADP Payroll users can feel confident that their data will be safe within the platform. You won’t get a range on it unless you speak to an ADP Specialist, so they can tell you which options are available for your business. ADP wants to make running payroll as easy as possible, and rest assured, it is simple. When your employees are enrolled and their hours, pay scales, and pay dates are set, running payroll involves just a few clicks of a button.

  • A more modern platform such as Gusto is a better fit for scrappy and fast-moving companies such as startups and online businesses.
  • They are so unhelpful and I suggest that no one ever uses a ADP total pay card.
  • For starters, the ADP implementation team and service representatives consider your unique needs and goals to ensure the system is installed properly.
  • This can be the cheapest service option, and no long-term contracts are necessary.
  • But since the company conceals its pricing structure, you’ll need to schedule a call with a representative to build a custom plan for your business.

We outline the specific characteristics of the four payroll plans below, in the ADP Online Payroll Plans section. In summary, the Essential plan is designed for startups and offers basic payroll functionalities. As a company’s workforce expands, it could upgrade to the Enhanced plan, introducing additional features including preemployment background checks and paper check mailing.

ADP experience and reviews

Help us to improve by providing some feedback on your experience today. Consumers Unified, LLC does not take loan or mortgage applications or make credit decisions. Rather, we display rates from lenders that are licensed or otherwise authorized to work in Vermont. We forward your information to a lender you wish to contact so that they may contact you directly. Sarah updated their star rating from a 1 stars to a 3 stars after speaking with the company outside of the ConsumerAffairs platform.

While ADP might be a leading contender in the world of HR and payroll solutions, it’s certainly not the only contender out there. Several other service providers offer great alternatives, each bringing their own distinct features and advantages to the table. Let’s take some time to explore a few other competitors and alternatives to ADP.

Calculate federal income tax withholding

Its rival Gusto, in comparison, allows business owners to process payroll as often as they want with no additional cost. The cost of ADP RUN depends on the size adp run login of your business and the features you need. The company isn’t transparent with pricing, but users report base pricing of $59 per month plus $4 per employee.

adp payroll reviews

The process is simple and straightforward, but it may be confusing for business owners who are new to AI chatbot functionality. Below, we’ll explain more about what ADP is and quickly review its most popular payroll products. Keep reading to find out which ADP payroll, HR, PEO or HCM solution is the best fit for your business. The amount of payroll tax taken from your paycheck depends largely on your income. The main payroll tax deductions include federal income taxes (variable by person), Social Security taxes (6.2%) and Medicare taxes (1.45%). Depending on where you live and work, you might also be subject to a state income tax.

Once you’ve calculated your employee’s gross pay and made all the appropriate deductions, you’re left with their net pay, or take-home amount. Most employees today receive their pay via direct deposit, though paper checks and prepaid debit cards remain popular alternatives. “Payroll taxes” is a broad term for taxes employers deduct and file on behalf of their employees. It can also include taxes employers are required to pay on their own that relate to how many employees they have and what those employees are paid. For small business owners who prefer to operate from a phone with simple instructions, we can recommend Roll by ADP as a great place to start.

  • The flagship HR Pro package gives companies even more HR support.
  • Fidelity does it for free, Vanguard does it for free, Schwab does it for free, Morgan Stanley does it for free, but not ADP.
  • QuickBooks Payroll starts at $45 per month plus $5 per person per month (option for 50% off for three months or free trial for 30 days).
  • Roll by ADP is a chat-based payroll and tax filing system for companies with 100 or fewer employees.
  • Wondering if you could use ADP or a cheaper, more streamlined provider like Gusto?
  • Small businesses receive automated payroll processing and tax filing services, while larger companies are able to call on HR support and benefits management tools.

For example, workers’ compensation and employee benefits plans are features that must be added to plans. Also, HR support is limited at the base level and for expanded HR features, you will need to move up to either the Complete or HR Pro plan. I was given an ADP card from Blaze pizza and put the card in my wallet.

ADP pricing

Because products are designed around size, a business has the option to scale up or down to other ADP products if RUN isn’t the right fit. Alternatively, a business that has reduced its workforce to 10 or fewer employees could move to Roll by ADP, a lower-cost option. It includes payroll, tax filing and employee self-service features at a monthly cost of $29 plus $5 per employee.

adp payroll reviews

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