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Modeling and taking great product pictures with a cell phone

It isn't very hard to take great pictures of the jewelry with very simple equipment. I use my cell phone and generally get great pictures but it takes a bit of practice. These following do's and don'ts are written specifically with a cell phone in mind, but most should apply to a regular camera as well.


  • Use natural light. Place the model facing the window with the photographer in between the window and the model. You can also take pictures outside if you have the space.
  • Use a neutral solid color back ground. Try to avoid having clutter/doorways/multiple pieces of furniture/etc. in the background of the picture.
  • Sit or stand with your back straight. Try not to slouch.
  • Remember your audience is a normal women that wants to see what the jewelry will look like on her.
  • Use the zoom on your phone. I usually use between 1.8 -> 2.2 level zoom as this allows good clear pictures without the photographer's shadow being visible.
  • Use the maximum resolution on your phone/camera.
  • Set the phone on a tripod/table/stack of books, etc. The causes less jitter in the picture which results in the jewelry looking blurry.
  • Have the model take a breath, breathe half of it out and hold the rest in as you shoot several pics in a row. If the model is breathing normally, it will usually cause jewelry to move again causing blurry pictures.
  • Take lots of pictures from the same angle then move to the next angle. I usually take about 200 pictures in an hour long modeling session of which I only use about 5-10 of them. Don't be afraid to take several pictures of the same angle and pick the best one, or send them all over and I will use the one that is best suited for the listing.
  • Tease your nipples during the photo shoot. This will make putting the jewelry on much easier and also makes for great pictures.
  • Try to get a wider angle of both boobs with the jewelry on as well as a closer up image of just one nipple and the jewelry.
  • Take pictures in landscape mode (wide), not portrait (tall).


  • Lift your arms in the pictures. This pulls your breasts away from their natural position and makes it more difficult for the photographer to get a good shot.
  • Suck in your stomach. This leaves a hollow under your boobs that detracts from the over all picture.
  • Look down at your boobs or at the photographer. This creases your neck at an odd angle and also lifts your boobs from their natural angle.
  • Use the flash. This washes out the models skin color and glints off the jewelry. Include anything else in the picture. The focus of the picture should be the model and the jewelry.
  • Crop the pictures. If there is a face or distinguishing mark in the photo you want taken out, let me know and I'll do digitally, then send it back to you for OK prior to publishing.

Above all else, have fun!! Tease your nipples, sit on a vibrator, laugh and giggle if something funny happens. All of this translates into a great photo shoot. The more fun you are having, the better the pictures will be. While I am looking for good pictures, I don't expect professional level photography. I'd rather ya'll have fun while your doing the photo shoot as the pictures will turn out much better than if the photographer is getting too technical.

Below are some great example pictures:

Note this picture was taken outside with a back ground, but the focus is on both the jewelry and the model. This produces a very well composed artistic picture.

Model image with background

These two images show what happens when you lift your arms during a picture. With arms down, it looks more natural. With arms up, it spreads the chest making it more difficult to see the product. Note the spacing in cleavage between the two pictures.

Model arms upModel arms down

Using the flash washes out the models skin, adds undesirable shadows and glints off the jewelry.

Model natural lightModel with flash

Always try to take pictures in landscape (phone turned sideways or long way) instead of portrait (tall) :

Landscape imagePortrait image


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