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Your first trip to an “Adults Only” resort – Part 2 – Etiquette

You've arrived at the resort. You checked in and your room is amazing. Now you're ready to hit the bar and the pool for some fun. Before you venture out into the resort though, let's take a minute to explore the etiquette of adult's only resorts. By following a few simple rules of etiquette, you'll avoid minor faux pas or worse yet, being branded a creeper.

  1. NEVER MOLEST A GUEST!! This is THE MOST important rule. Adults only resorts foster an atmosphere of sexiness, but that DOES NOT translate into free sex. Don't grope someone without permission. Don't grab someone without permission. In fact, don't touch someone without permission. 
  2. NEVER TAKE PICTURES OF SOMEONE WITHOUT PERMISSION!! This rule is probably the SECOND most important rule. If you are caught breaking it, you WILL be labeled a “creeper” by the other guests. Everyone will probably avoid you for the rest of your trip. Security make take your camera or phone. They may also destroy the pictures . . . and your camera or phone. Nobody knows if you intend to put the pictures on the Internet or show them to your family or email them to someone's boss. If you are going to take pictures of the resort, do it in early morning when no one is walking around. If your picture might include someone, ask their permission FIRST!
  3. Avoid the first day curse. What is the first day curse you ask? Simply put, it's over indulging in your choice of adult beverage(s) on the first day. At best, it leads to a bad hangover on day 2, at worst you may end up making a fool of yourself during your drunken antics. Most adults only hotels are all inclusive meaning all your food and beverages are free. With the lack of responsibility on the resort and the free flowing alcohol, it's very easy to drink yourself into a stupor. It's happened to many of us at least once and it's happened to some more than once.
  4. Observe the rules of nudity. Most resorts have a minimum set of rules surrounding when and where you are allowed to be naked. Most eating areas require your lower genitalia to be covered in order to enter. No matter how cute you think your sausage is, no one wants to see it while they are eating their bacon and eggs for breakfast. Typically if you are breaking the rules of nudity, the resort staff or security will let you know. Simply cover yourself up and continue about your day.
  5. Avoid the pervert stare. People go to topless and nude resorts because they enjoy the freedom of being naked. It's ok to look, in fact most people enjoy the attention of a glance and a sexy smile, but no one enjoys being stared at like a toothy wolf at a lamb chop buffet. If you simply can't help yourself, at least have the decency to wear some sunglasses.
  6. Follow the rules of sex. Some resorts not only allow but encourage open sexual exploits on the grounds while other expressly forbid it. Know the rules and follow them. Breaking these rules can get you kicked out of the resort.

This is by no means a comprehensive list as some resorts may have additional rules, but this list will keep you in the good graces of most resorts and their guests. Stay tuned for the next part in this series - Things to Bring.

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