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Your first trip to an “Adults Only” resort – Part 3 – Things to bring

The count down is on. You are one week from your stunning Adults Only resort vacation in sunny "fill in your destination". The excitement is almost palpable. You've made your lists then packed and repacked 4 times trying to make sure you have everything. This list includes a lot of things you may not think to bring:

  • A box of 1 gallon ziplock freezer bags - Even though your personal items will be in your pool bag, accidents happen and things get wet. Ziplock your cell phone, wallet, money and other "dry" items in ziplocks before putting them in your pool bag to ensure they stay dry. *Bonus* You can use them to pack anything not yet dry on your return trip home so your suitcase doesn't get that musty smell.
  • Pool bag - A bag (preferably water proof) to bring your things to and from the pool as well as to store your personal items in while you are in the pool.
  • Sun block with SPF 50 - The sun is much stronger near the equator as it is more direct. Nothing ruins a couple of days of vacation like a really bad sunburn.
  • A box of removable command hooks - There never seems to be enough towel bars or places to hang wet clothing in the hotel room, so stick several of these to the back of the bath tub or shower and you'll never run out of places to hang your wet clothes.
  • Extra batteries for your camera, vibrators and anything else battery operated - Self explanatory
  • Mosquito repellent - Many AO resorts are located in or near a jungle type area and mosquitoes suck!!
  • Dramamine (motion sickness pills), Tylenol (aspirin) and diarrhea medication - You may not need them, but are you willing to risk it if you do?
  • Costume diamond jewelry. - I know you probably have $30-$50k in jewelry sitting in your jewelry box, but why risk having it stolen if your luggage gets stolen, goes missing or in the unlikely event your room gets ransacked. The costume stuff looks almost identical to the real thing and as long as it matches your wedding band, no one else will be the wiser.
  • An extra vibrator - Lets face it, your probably going to be having lots of sex during your mid afternoon naps. Nothing is worse than dropping your little friend on the tile bathroom floor on day 2 of the vaca and watch it shatter into several pieces. *Bonus* Turn the batteries around before packing them so they can't accidentally get turned on inside your luggage. (Yes, this has happened to us and I thought it was hilarious, but my wife was mortified when it happened in the back of the SUV of the neighbor that came to the airport to pick us up on our return trip from vacation. ) 
  • Walking shoes - Bring at least one pair of comfortable walking shoes in case you go out to do some excursions.
  • A hat - The sun in the Caribbean can be brutal. Having a hat for a bit of shade while lounging around the pool will be really nice. Besides, you don't want to burn your scalp, do you?
  • 2 pairs of sunglasses - Every time we go on vacation, I somehow manage to break a pair of sunglasses. Having an extra pair ensures that I won't have to pay resort prices for a cheap item.
  • Bubba keg or insulated mug of some sort - Most resorts that we have been to serve their drinks in 5-6 oz glasses with lots of ice. Bringing your own 24-36 oz insulated mug means less trips to the bar or time spent waiting for a waiter/waitress. *Bonus* Having a lid on your cup makes it less likely you'll pick up the wrong drink or that someone will slip something in your drink. While rare, I have heard of it happening.
  • $200-$300 in small denomination bills for tipping - Many resorts say no tipping, but in our experience, we receive better service with some well spread fun money for the staff. Also, let's face it, they work REALLY hard to make sure we have a great time!
  • Non latex condoms/Lube - For those that play well with others, you may find that right someone and then find out (s)he is allergic to latex. While most convenience stores in foreign countries carry condoms, they may not carry your size, brand or material.
  • Power converter/Cell phone charger - Double check to ensure that anything you need to plug in will be compatible with outlets at the resort. Most resorts we travel to have outlets that are compatible with our "made for the USA" devices, but this is never guaranteed. Plug styles and also voltages may be different, so look into purchasing a travel plug converter set. Also, don't forget to bring your phone/laptop chargers.

If I have forgotten anything or there is something you think I should add, please leave me a comment below. Stay tuned for the next installment in this series: Lifestyle (Swinger) resort vs. Nudist Resort vs. Traditional resort

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