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What jewelry is best for my nipple size? The Nipple Size Dilemma.

It wasn't until I started this business that I actually stopped to consider the variances in women's nipples. I've seen thousands, if not tens of thousands, of sets of boobs at the resorts that we frequent, but I had always taken them as a whole and never really assessed the individual parts. To that end, let's explore the female breast in all it's glorious detail.

Essentially, women's boobs are comprised of milk glands surrounded by fatty tissue. The amount of fatty tissue determines the size of the breast (and is also the reason for loss/increase of fullness when women lose/gain weight). Prominently topping your glorious globes are your nipples. But nipples aren't just a single part. They consist of both the areola and the actual nipple. The nipple itself is responsible for milk delivery during nursing while the areola (the darker colored tissue surrounding the actual nipple) contains Montgomery glands which are responsible for providing lubrication during nursing. While the primary purpose of boobs is nursing, their secondary function is to do for men what laser pointers do for kittens.

Sciency stuff aside, let's explore the nipples in more detail. Some women have very large nipples while some women have very small ones. Some nipples are very prominent (stick out) while others are depressed (inverted). Some nipples are like mountain peaks and some are shaped more like tubes. As a woman, you may have wondered, "Are my nipples normal?" I can assure that they are and as a man, I can assure that we like them all! However, not all nipples perform the same when decorating them with jewelry.

The easiest and most versatile nipples for decorating with jewelry are without a doubt medium prominent ones. Even large pointy nipples can have problems. If the nipple is too large, it can be difficult to get dainty jewelry to fit because of their size. Small depressed nipples are the most difficult to put jewelry on as the nipple will generally have to "rise to the occasion" in order to put the jewelry on. (Men don't ALWAYS corner the market on erection issues.) So lets break down each nipple type and explore the best jewelry for each.

Large prominent nipples typically work (and look) best with shields. Once surrounded by the shield, the nipple stays erect and forms the center piece for the décolletage. 

Medium prominent nipples usually function best with clip style decorative jewelry. The clip styles squeeze open to slip around the nipple keeping it erect.

Small prominent nipples are best decorated by prong style jewelry. The prong style can be squeezed together forming a cradle around the nipple although they can be a bit harder to get on.

All prominent type nipples work well with adjustable loops. With adjustable loops, the loop cinches around the nipple forming a nice tight fit. The loop style is the most versatile, size wise, as it adjusts to almost any size nipple.

Flat or depressed (inverted) nipples can be tricky to put non piercing jewelry on. Depressed or inverted nipples will work with the adjustable loop style jewelry as long as you can coax them out long enough to get the jewelry on. This may require you or your partner to play with them for a few minutes until they become erect. (This is one of the few times where a man doesn't mind having an erection problem! :D ) With flat nipples there simply is nothing for the jewelry to "grip" on too so my suggestion (at this time) would be to get them pierced. I am still prototyping designs for flat nipples, but have yet to come up with an affordable multi-use solution.

Whether they are prominent or depressed, pointy or cylindrical, big or small,  we men want to see them all. So ladies, take off your tops and display your lovely ladies. Be proud of those gorgeous gazongas! Decorate your high beams so we can all bask in their light.

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