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Kiss Me Heart Pasties
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Kiss Me Heart Pasties - Sun burn protectors/Nipple Shields/Pastys

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Our Kiss Me Heart Pasties are a delectable way to tell your significant other where you want to be kissed. Wear them in public if your ready for some sexy smooches!!

Protect your lovely ladies from sunburn. These nipple shields make a perfect accessory for a day on the lake, at the pool or under that sheer outfit you love, but hesitate to wear in public.

Made to stick through all the dancing and activity you can throw at them, they will easily remove at the end of the day (or night).

These special made shields cover without adhering to your sensitive parts. The adhesive surrounds the fabric center without exposing your sensitive areas to sticking on removal. I have personally tested them on several ladies that have very sensitive skin with no adverse reactions. (It's a tough job being a product tester!! ;) )

Choose a color and pattern or choose a mix set, you'll love them. Each item contains one set (two pasties).

**** Note: These are one time use only and probably will not stick a second time. This ensures no discomfort on removal. ****