ICO vs STO All You Need To Know

However, for IDOs DEXs have a primary role in the issuance and auditing process. The selected decentralized exchange handles the investors’ funds, creates the smart contracts and then lists the tokens by creating a liquidity pool. In the world of cryptocurrencies today, there are firms that offer STO blockchain.

ico vs sto

Consequently, token holders benefit from participating in ICOs if their tokens achieve a higher valuation in secondary markets. IEO is comparatively new in the market and stands for Initial Exchange Offerings. Here companies directly sell their tokens in the exchange to individual participants without offering them in an ICO.

Introduction to Fundraising

However, it will take some time before the ecosystem supporting security tokens can be built at the same scale as that exists for ICO tokens. Besides heavy upfront legal and compliance costs, the other major disadvantage of STO tokens is that they are not yet supported by big crypto exchanges such as Binance. Also, the lock-up requirements of Reg D and Reg CF tokens may not be popular with investors in current ICO’s.

ico vs sto

For this, the investors have to pay their investment into a smart contract, there the funds are collected and the investors receive coins or tokens from the ICO. Startups can build millions through crowdfunding based on cryptocurrencies. Another major difference worth highlighting is the role of the issued tokens in both forms of the fundraiser. The digital assets being issued in an ICO typically represent a utility token that is central to the operations of a blockchain-based platform.


Additionally, STOs face complex regulations that may be tough to navigate on your own. INX provides a full legal team to ico vs sto anyone looking to raise capital via an STO. These regulations can keep your investment safe and provide peace of mind.

ico vs sto

The registration with the SEC is one of the ways in which STOs promise to offer more security to the investor. Complete Embroker’s online application and contact one of our licensed insurance professionals to obtain advice for your specific business insurance needs. Unlike an IPO, which goes through a ton of regulation and a ton of cost, an STO is meant to sit somewhere in between an IPO and ICO.

ICO vs STO – Tokens of Appreciation

Security Tokens must abide by the country’s securities regulations where they are used because they are considered securities. Technological risks are of course always present, examples can be the blockchain being compromised, or hacks completed through social engineering. The latter has proven to be riskier than the former as blockchain has been proving to be highly robust in terms of IT safety and security. Additionally, a platform is necessary to issue the tokens and to manage the pre-sale. It is important to rely on a trusted partner to deal with the technological framework in order to avoid compliance and technical issues. Token Tool by Bitbond can for example be used to easily mint your own token and to set up and manage an STO.

ico vs sto

During an STO, blockchain plays a great role because often this determines whether investors decide to invest or not. Nevertheless, STO coins are highly valuable for many investors as well as for some bond funds. STOs are one of the most favored fundraising methods used by modern blockchain startups. ICOs have a low barrier of entry, which is why this form of investment is generating so much hype. Polymath is currently working on a decentralized protocol that will help companies to come up with their own securities tokens.

Examples STOs

Many companies have started incorporating blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies in their business verticals. ICO projects are classified based on the blockchain technology on which the tokens of the project are held. The focus is on the token blockchain and not on the blockchain technology on which the project itself works. An STO (Security Token Offering) is fundamentally very similar to an ICO, but very different in some important points. With an STO, as with the ICO, an investment (in cryptocurrency or fiat) is exchanged for tokens of a new cryptocurrency that are held on a blockchain.

Therefore, they represent real-world assets such as gold, real estate, or art. It allows investors to buy such assets without physically storing or exchanging them. Moreover, asset-backed tokens retain value so the token itself is a digital asset. Equity tokens are similar to traditional shares as they contain the same information as a physical share certificate.

Which is the better option: IPOs vs. ICOs vs. STOs?

These investors enjoy the instant liquidity offered by crypto exchanges, an overwhelming majority of which are currently unregulated. A new form of fund-raising has emerged from issuers looking to develop and market their tokens in a more regulation-friendly manner. In an STO, or Security Token Offering, investors receive a security in the form of a token. Unlike ICO’s, STO tokens are usually backed by a known element, such as assets, equity, revenues or profit. In order to sell security tokens to the crowd, a company has to register the offering with a regulator such as SEC, which can be a difficult and expensive process. An ICO is usually a one to a two-week event where everyone is given the opportunity to purchase crypto tokens in exchange for e.g.

  • In essence, many of the ICO tokens are securities, but the issuers prefer labeling them as utility tokens to avoid dealing with regulators such as the SEC.
  • It was one of the first methods to catch on after the invention of Cryptocurrencies.
  • Such line of reasoning lets ICO projects to avoid regulation and necessary registration with SEC or other strict regulators.
  • Decide on launching an STO, ICO, or IEO based on your project specifications and preferences, and make sure to consult your advisors beforehand.

An ICO is a crowdfunding method that involves the sale of digital tokens in exchange for other cryptocurrencies, typically Bitcoin or Ethereum. These tokens represent a stake in a new project or company and can be traded on cryptocurrency exchanges. ICOs are typically used to raise funds for a new blockchain-based project or cryptocurrency venture. Looking for a trusted vendor to advise on building a blockchain-based product? Harbor is another platform for token issuance that, apart from launching an STO itself, the platform helps companies to make sure these tokens are compliant with security protocols. Similar to Ethereum, Polymath has a native token used for all Blockchain-based operations within the platform — POLY.

Development platforms for STOs and ICOs

The idea in an STO is simple; tokenize a portion of your assets or products, and sell it out to members of the public for them to gain part ownership in the company. A Security Token Offering is a crowdfunding model for blockchain or any outfit with a digitized product or service. If you decide to have an IEO, you’ll have to contact various exchanges and choose the one that fits you best.

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