Flower Chain Screw Nipple Clamps

Made for pain or pleasure, these Flower Chain Screw Nipple Clamps fill both categories. Pull the chain to “hear” her boobies jingle. Includes 12″ removeable chain and bells.

Availability: In stock

These intermediate/expert level Flower Screw Clamp non piercing nipple clamps are made from nickel free, surgical steel. Each set has 4 screws and adjusts to fit all nipple sizes. Clamps can adjusted to fit tighter or looser by turning in the individual screws.

Easy to wear, adjustable and above all extremely sexy. Wear under your clothes to excite in private. Show off your style by wearing under a sheer top. Go topless and tease in public . . . if you dare!


Sold as a set of 2 pieces of jewelry connected with a 12″ removable chain. Removable jingle bells included.


Approx. 2 inch. (20 mm) w / 12″ chain


Tease the nipple a bit to make it hard before applying the clamps. Comfortable fit will give an “erotic tease” if gently pulled. These clamps have a bit of “bite” and may cause intense pain if not properly adjusted. Always initially apply with the thumb screws turned all the way out until you or your sub are comfortable with the level of pain/pleasure they cause. Turning the thumb screw in will gradually tighten the clamp causing more sensitivity.

Please note: This nipple clamp may not be suitable for flat or inverted nipples.


NOTE: These Advanced level clamps screw in all the way and can cause permanent damage if used improperly or if left on too long.

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 8 × 4 × 1 in

265 reviews for Flower Chain Screw Nipple Clamps

  1. Nikki

    Molto carino

  2. Michael

    Super fast shipping. These arrived 2 days after I placed the order. Wife loved them.

  3. Krista

    I love the quality of these clamps

  4. Abby

    This was as described, solidly made with easy to screw clamps. It is fairly simple to remove the bells and chain but why would you want to? I personally enjoyed wearing this far too much for my own good. Fifteen minutes is not long enough…

  5. Akira

    Super sexy..love it, super beautiful made

  6. Alex

    gorgeous and beautiful cant wait to try

  7. Alexis

    Can’t wait to wear these to an event!

  8. Allan

    Haven’t used it yet but the quality and looks are awesome

  9. Amya Wren

    Tex was a big help. I sent a selfie of my boobies and he helped me pick the perfect jewelry. Was a bit hesitant at first, but the jewelry was perfect for me.

  10. Andrea

    Fast Shipping. Loved this item. Will buy again.

  11. Andrew John

    Item was as expected and arrived quickly.

  12. ANGEL

    Love this shop. Owner was very helpful.

  13. Anna

    They made the recipient happy.

  14. anondori

    Stimulating and secure. Can be gentle or can bite. Highly recommended.

  15. Anthony

    Absolutely marvelous item, received super quickly

  16. Antonitous

    Wife loves wearing these.

  17. April Edens

    This item met all expectations.

  18. Ashton

    Very small, but very cute. Husband loved them.

  19. Autolycus

    Gorgeous product. Love the weight.

  20. Autumn

    Unfortunately for me these don’t quite seem to work for my body. I’m not sure I’d recommend them for the petite n*ppled haha. I will say they are beautiful, reasonably priced, sturdy, and shipped very expediently.

  21. Aviyia

    Hubby can’t quit touching them. Makes my nipples so sensitive.

  22. Ayla

    Bought these on Tex’s reccomendation. Absolutely love them.

  23. Aysha

    They are beautiful. The bell is fantastic.

  24. Barbara

    Beautiful piece and works well.

  25. Bella

    Received the item super quick and it is absolutely beautiful!

  26. BellaForever

    Was hesitant to send a picture of my boobs to the owner, but very gald I did. He helped me pick out the perfect jewelry for me.

  27. Bernice

    The quality is amazing and just what we were looking for. These nipple punishers – my name for them, have exceeded my expectations. I do recommend that folks be experienced in nipple play before they buy these as they can really bite 🙂

  28. Beth

    Although the item took a while to ship it was well worth the wait. Excellent quality and actually works. The seller sent a note explaining the delay and added some extra goodies.

  29. Beth

    These are absolutely beautiful! They are comfortable enough for longer play sessions, but can have a BITE when I want them to as well. The chain is also detachable which was a fun surprise because I can add things to it…. or use another one long enough to drape behind my neck for a yummy pulling effect. If you’re on the fence, you need a set. Like, now!

  30. Bianca

    Little big for my nipples but I love the design and love that it’s adjustable

  31. blacklabwestky

    Vaca surprise for my wife. She loved it.

  32. blasian

    clamps seem to be a good fit and fits large nipples

  33. boomerstein

    Just what I was looking for. Husband loved it!

  34. brenthilyard

    Seller was super helpful.

  35. Brian

    Amazing. I love this. They feel so sexy

  36. Buckwild

    Felt odd sending in a pic of my nipples to the owner, but glad I did. He was very helpful in picking out the perfect jewelry. Love these and have already placed another order.

  37. Caity

    Great product! Super high quality. My Daddy loves them.

  38. Carlee

    Makes my nipples super sensitive. Hubby loves teasing me in them.

  39. Carmen

    Perfect gift for our first topless beach.

  40. Carmen

    Just as described. Great look.

  41. Caroline

    Bought these as a vacation surprise for my husband. Loved wearing them.

  42. Cassandra

    Love when my DOM pulls the chain.

  43. CAT

    Wish I had bought these sooner!

  44. Catie

    I LOVE THIS PRODUCT SO MUCH!! The very first time I put them on it was a little difficult since it’s my first pair ever. But after I gave the chain the first little tug, I knew that these were exactly what I was looking for. n100/10 I recommend them.

  45. celticgypsy1331

    Definitely looking forward to experimenting with these! They’re pretty but also a little industrial which gives me a very steampunk vibe, happy to try these out!

  46. chad

    Better than expected! She didn’t expect to love them!

  47. Chad and Christy

    Absolutely as beautiful as the photo. As soon as I saw these on my wife it was game over.

  48. Chelese

    Hubby loves them. So do I.

  49. Chelsea

    A little awkward to put on the first time, but once you get the hang of it, they are easy to use. My husband love watching me walk around the house in them.

  50. Chelsia

    exactly as advertised. Shipped quick!

  51. Chloe

    Sale and delivery were fine, but two of the screws on this aren’t 100% functional. Still perfectly workable, just expect to compensate for one or two with the others

  52. Chris

    Quality item; my girlfriend and I are having fun with this!

  53. Chris

    The Wife loved these on her out of town birthday trip! Thanks again for the great customer service!

  54. Christin

    Third time buying from this store and I’ll continue to come back. Tex is so helpful and friendly.

  55. Chynna

    Pretty and perfect. Can’t wait to put them to the test!

  56. Cindy

    Perfect sale. Just what I wanted.

  57. Colin

    Exceeds expectations in build quality and presentation. The clamps have quite a bit of weight to them, but the design ensures they won’t slip off. Thumbs up! Best clamping mechanism I’ve found thus far.nThanks!

  58. Corry

    They’re perfect and my fiance can’t wait to use them…On me…Lol. Thank you!

  59. Courtney

    Everything was great and looked just as advertised. Showed up within the correct time frame. No issues.

  60. Courtney

    love them! just a little bigger than expected but that’s a me issue.

  61. Dakota

    Exactly what they were supposed to be. Simple, attractive, and appropriately mean.

  62. Dan

    Wife loved these.

  63. Danielle

    Absolutely stunning on. Love the chain and bells too!

  64. Darrell J Madill

    High Quality Product made with Surgical/ Stainless Steel. The product can be used for its original purpose or used for necklaces, Christmas 🎄 Ornaments, wind chimes, etc. No disrespect but I am letting people know it has a treasure trove of uses. As far as Your imagination can take you and Props to the Creative Person who made and designed it. I absolutely love this product. Lock it in on your next order.

  65. David

    Took it to a new level with these! Nicely made and finished.

  66. Derek

    Feels great

  67. dghazeltine

    She absolutely loved these. Bells and chains easily removable. Nice weight to them to make sure she feels every movement.

  68. differentgirl105

    Excellent! Super fast shipping, and a great product. I got this as a tester as I’ve never had a clamp like this and I think I’ve found what I’ve been looking for in my sex life. I’m not a fan of lots of pressure or weight. I figured I could adjust the pressure and was simply worried about weight on these but they are the perfect amount of heft. I’ve worn these with and without a bra and while it does take more pressure to stay on without the bras support it’s still totally customizable and I can get just enough to keep them on without creating the pain I don’t enjoy. Literally placing another order right after this review.

  69. Don

    Excellent work and fit perfectly.

  70. Donald

    Nice a pinchy. Looks good.

  71. Dread

    Good quality.

  72. Elizabeth

    Second order from this shop. Going on vacation at Desire and can’t wait to show them off.

  73. Elizabeth

    Third order from this shop. Gave away the last set on vacation to a friend. Hubby can’t wait to see us both wearing them at the same time.

  74. Emily

    Relly like these.

  75. Emily

    made super well. feel absolutely fantastic. there’s definitely a learning curve to getting them on but once you figure it out they feel sooo good.

  76. emilymvilla

    Beautiful design, I just wish the screws didn’t get stuck and were easier to loosen/tighten.

  77. Eric

    Works. Looks good. Good job!

  78. Escher

    Very nice piece! Love the weight. All adjustments are extremely smooth. Very impressed!

  79. Ethan

    Great customer service! There was a mailing issue and they made the problem go away so fast. They even respond on a Sunday morning!

  80. Felicia

    Fast shipping and great customer service.

  81. Florina

    Had fun wearing these for hubbies bday. Really surprised him! 😉

  82. G

    Tex is awesome and his jewelry is really good quality.

  83. Gary

    A fun gift!

  84. Geoffrey

    Wife was scared to try them at first, but now she loves them.

  85. George

    Perfect anniversary gift to spice things up a bit.

  86. germania4me

    Fun and fabulous. I love them😍❤

  87. ginas757

    Love them.

  88. Glenn

    So incredibly sexy! They are immaculately detailed and good quality. They were sexier in person than the pictures!

  89. grosetyson

    Fun to roleplay with.

  90. Guillaume

    Fast shipping and high quality.

  91. Hailey

    Buying another set for another friend. Love everything that Tex sells and he is really friendly. Can’t wait to buy more.

  92. Hailey

    It’s great quality, and it arrived fast. I’m just having a hard time keeping it on. But it looks great for the little time it’ll stay on

  93. hannah

    second purchase at this store and will continue to shop here. Tex is great at providing suggestions on what to buy.

  94. Hannah

    I wore these for 6 hours and they worked amazing! Love these so much

  95. Haylie

    Tex is awesome. This is my third time buying from him and I wanted to try out some clamps. I bought shields before but have never used clamps. He helped me pick out the perfect set and I absolutely LOVE them. He knows his stuff as a “boobologist”. lol

  96. highlyillogical

    Bigger and heavier than I expected, but very well made. Record fast shipping.

  97. i47fylqv1n4n267k

    Second purchase at this shop. Tex is too funny. Wasn’t sure if these would fit me so I emailed him and he asked me to send a picture of my nipples with pennies next to them. As a prefessional “boobologist”, he assured me that they would and even gave me a few tips to get them on easier because of my nipple type. His emails had me cracking up. Very good customer service and fast shipping. Very pleased with my purchases and I’ll definitaly be buying again.

  98. Ian McFarlane

    Took a minute to get here but very well built, very pleased, thank you

  99. Ida

    Husband loved them.

  100. Isabella

    I LOVE these! They’re good quality, solid and easy to use! They’re versatile too! If they made other shapes (or colors) I’d buy them as well.

  101. Jacey

    These are amazing and they look amazing on me.

  102. Jacqueline

    Nice right size able length

  103. Jade

    One was great and easy to adjust. The other was impossible to turn and tighten/loosen.

  104. James

    these are bigger then I had originally though. but are still perfect and the little bells are just an adorable touch.

  105. James C

    Just what we wanted. They look, feel and work perfectly! Couldn’t be happier.

  106. Jasmine

    Absolutely love these!!!

  107. Jason

    Very nice and durable item

  108. Jaylen

    I like them but my wofe says they are too big for her nips. Good quality but bigger than expected. Wish there was a smaller size.

  109. Jennafer

    High quality. Fast shipping

  110. Jennie

    Amazing product.

  111. Jennifer

    Super high quality and fast shipping.

  112. Jennifer

    Lost my last set so I had to buy another pair for vacation. Can’t wait to show them off at TTR.

  113. Jennifer

    Gave away my last set on vaca so buying another set from Tex. Buy these. He is a great guy and really helpful.

  114. Jennifer

    Just what I was looking for. Husband loved it!

  115. Jennifer

    Love these, feels great. Love that the chain is removable.

  116. jenniferscholtes

    Fun to wear

  117. jenniferscholtes

    this is so fun cute and I jingle a little bit.

  118. Jenny

    Love wearing these.

  119. Jeremy

    Love em. The ability to tighten 4 sides is great

  120. Jess

    Just as described. Thank you!

  121. Jessica McLaughlin

    Beautiful but hard to put on

  122. Jessie

    Love these.

  123. Jill

    They wouldn’t fit I was pretty disappointed that I couldn’t make em work 🙁

  124. Jim

    Wife loves these. Great weight with the perfect amount of pressure.

  125. JJ

    The quality is awesome. Heavier than I expected.

  126. Joanna

    Store shipped wrong order but Tex made it right. Would recommend this store to anyone. 5 star customer service and 5 sstar products.

  127. Joaquin

    Good product

  128. Joe

    Great communication and service from seller

  129. john

    Love seeing my wife wearing these. Instaboner! 😀

  130. Josh

    Item arrived quickly and on time. It’s a good quality, sturdy, seems quite durable. The chain could be a bit longer, but that’s not a big deal. Haven’t used it yet, it’s part of a “thirty days of gifts” thing, but it functions smoothly.

  131. jrhur1

    Came earlier than expected, exactly as described. Totally worth it!

  132. Julia

    Second order and these were even better than the last sest I bought. I’ll be back for a 3rd (and probably a 4th) order. Tex is really nice and helpful. Great customer service and super fast shipping. I highly recommend buying from this store. A++ service

  133. K

    Good quality. Matched description perfectly. I’d buy again. Some difficulty getting the clamps to stay on, but still a gentle first pair of these to start with.

  134. Kaitlyn

    Great product and exactly as described.

  135. Kamarin

    These are amazing! I was so worried and self conscious that they wouldn’t look good but I put them on and never felt sexier. Love love LOVE

  136. Karl

    Wife loved them.

  137. Karl Wilhelm

    Just as advertised!!

  138. Kasey

    Perfect. Exactly what I ordered.

  139. Kat

    6th time ordering. Tex rocks. Always helps me pick the perfect stuff.

  140. Kat

    So sexy. They feel so expensive. Weighted nicely, AGHH just hotttt. I’ll be back!

  141. Kathlyn

    Beautifully crafted. Perfect for my needs!

  142. Kathryn

    Very responsive seller. Great product. Exactly as pictured.

  143. Kaunie

    Beautiful and so fun to wear! I love them!!

  144. Kayla

    Love these

  145. Kayla

    Lost my last set and loved them so much I had to buy another set. Tex is very friendly and even sent a freebie item when I explained that I was ordering for a replacement set. #customerforlife

  146. KAYLEE

    BF loves these

  147. kee

    FAST shipping.

  148. kgoodlovin

    Absolutely gorgeous!!!

  149. Kimberly

    Love em!..So happy with the purchase!

  150. Kimberly

    Nice piece! Quick shipping! Can’t wait to play with them!

  151. Kit

    So very well made; nice weight and very smooth clamping mechanism.

  152. Krista

    It was a very beautiful set of jewelry

  153. kristen

    So happy I bought these. Love the way they feel. High wuality product and super fast shipping

  154. Kristi

    Fast ship and good quality

  155. L

    They’re a good weight and feel good on. My hubby likes that bells.

  156. Larissa

    Fast shipping. Good quality and it’s so pretty!

  157. Laura

    OMG. Love wearing these and the bells are so sexxy when he’s thrusting me.

  158. Laura

    Even more gorgeous than I expected. They are tricky to put on.

  159. Laura

    I thought these would be heavy but they aren’t. I love that they are adjustable and I am in love with this piece. I would highly recommend!

  160. Laurel

    Love it

  161. Lauren

    Love these, great quality. I’ll definitely be back for more.

  162. Lauren

    Second time ordering these. Ended up selling the first pair for three times what I bought them for. lol

  163. Leslie

    Husband absolutely loves them thank you!

  164. Lexi

    Beautiful piece. Heavy – not cheap looking. Customer service excellent.

  165. Lexi

    So happy with them I bought a set for a friend. Tex is too funny. Check me out in the customer gallery. 😉 Can you guess who I am?

  166. Lexie

    The items came in discreet packaging with adorable pineapples on them! Would absolutely buy from this shop again.

  167. Libby

    Love how sexy I fell when I wear these. Hubby loves them too.

  168. Lily

    Fast shipping and cute packaging. Exactly as described.

  169. Liz

    Fun to wear.

  170. Liz

    Love wearing these around the house when noone is home. Just enough to keep me on edge without hurting.

  171. Louise

    They stay on and in place if screwed tightly enough. It is not painful. I love it! I can wear it for hours.

  172. majorcwf

    Lovely product, quick ship. Just as advertised

  173. mari

    Tex was a big help. I’ve never tried anything like this and was scared to try it. Tex understood and suggested several items that would work for me to try out. I’ll be back to buy more now that I know what it feels like.

  174. Marina

    OMFG! I rocked this shit at the party. It was a huge hit. Will def buy more.

  175. materiallocators

    Nice heavy piece! Takes a bit to get the screws tightened if your solo [lol] Much Easier to have your partner do it for you – the way it should be!

  176. Math

    Quite primitive and cheap finish: the screws are quite loose in their axis, which makes it a bit hard to screw and hold in position at the same time, because everything moves a bit more than it should. Plus the screws don’t have a rounded end, so it can be more painful than necessary (for the wrong reasons). But then again it’s exactly as advertised and seen on the pictures.

  177. mearklel

    Super fast shipping. I love them so much! Will be using this seller again!

  178. Melinda

    Love these!..well made!.good size!.not heavy!..look great. I will buy from here again!

  179. Melissa

    Super fast shipping. Item quality is wonderful!

  180. Melody Page

    Very nice

  181. mgreenetsy

    Beautiful attention to detail , really reccomend!!

  182. Mia

    I absolutely LOVE these!!! So glad I got them- highly recommend ♥️

  183. Michael

    Super fast shipping. These arrived 2 days after I placed the order. Wife loved them.

  184. Michelle

    If you have sensitive nips, you’re going to fall in love with these. Put them on and grab your fav vibe for extra fun. Yummy!!!

  185. Michelle

    Looks exactly as posted. However, it feels very cheap and is plastic not metal.

  186. Mike

    Shipped fast and the product is just as advertised

  187. Milan

    Ich habe sie erst letzte Woche bekommen, ich liebe sie. Habe schon wieder einen Artikel bei ihm bestellt.

  188. Missy

    Beautiful!!! I can’t wait to wear them!!

  189. moreen kyampeire

    just love them my bf thinks im alot hotter looking now

  190. murphybrainz

    Item shipped shockingly fast and well packaged in discreet packaging. Item was high quality materials and beautifully made. Couldn’t be happier.

  191. Nancy

    I love these and so does my partner. Very sensual, sexy and I love the weight of them. Only draw back is I’m directionally challenged and so I have a hard time when taking them off and I wind up tightening them more. Ouch!

  192. Nev

    Felicissimo del mio acquisto. Raccomando questa azienda. Grazie

  193. Nicole

    Easy purchase. Fast Shipping. High Quality.

  194. Nicole

    a little tricky to put on. But once they’re on they’re are great!

  195. Nikolai

    Item quality is great and it shipped faster than expected!

  196. Olivia

    Good quality and fast shipping! I’ve placed two orders and been very pleased with both.

  197. Orion

    Ottimo morsetto. Più pesante di quanto mi aspettassi ma di buona qualità.

  198. owlfletching

    Definite repeat buyer. Very pleased with purchase.

  199. Paddy Kake


  200. Paramourn

    Beautiful!! Love them. Will be shopping here again.

  201. parkerrichardson012

    Very high quality. They have good weight to them. Wife loved the sensation and I loved the jingling bells.

  202. Pasquale

    Bigger then I thought but love them on the wife

  203. patsycarnes

    Absolutely love these little jewelry pieces.

  204. Penelope

    absolutely in love with these!!nnever tried before they look beautiful & clamp so well.nvery happy tysm

  205. Philip

    So on the plus side they look great if your girl is packing chest cannons if you have small nipples or are more flat chested I would try another style because I’m not sure they would stay on correctly

  206. renegade4x4

    great seller

  207. Richard Sherin

    great item, it arrived swiftly

  208. Robert

    Good quality, item is as shown. Wife loves them.

  209. Ron

    2nd set that I’ve ordered. The bells are a fun addition.

  210. Ron

    Item came as described good quality

  211. Roni

    Love the gift I bought. Quick delivery. Exactly as the picture.

  212. Ryan Schmidt

    Great product. Shipping was very slow but worth the wait.

  213. sarah

    These clamps are so nice. give me the sensation I was looking for. They are well made and hope to get many years of use!!

  214. Saraubi

    Beautiful and arrived quickly.

  215. Sean

    Exactly as it looks. Can be a bit heavy so be aware of that during use.

  216. Sean

    The quality is fantastic! From what I’ve been told (and shown) they stay on very well. Even with a firm oull of the chain. The look is better than the pictures. Exceeded expectations. nDelivery took until the very last estimated delivery date so that’s why I give it a 4.

  217. Shannon

    They’re so pretty and one of the sides works perfectly. But the other side two of the screw things won’t budge no matter how hard I try. Luckily the other two work or else it wouldn’t attach at all.

  218. Shayna

    I love these so much! My husband actually had to take these away from me because I want to wear them all the time. When they are off they have just a bit of heft to them. I like these compared to other clamps because instead of a pinching sensation, it’s pressure.

  219. singlefirefly

    Way to heavy. I knew they would be heavy but not quite that heavy.

  220. soccerkeep

    Enjoyed by all who have tried them

  221. Sonali

    They fit perfectly! They look just like the pic! I love them!

  222. Stacy

    Love these. The quality is great and great communication with the seller. Would buy from this seller again.

  223. Stephanie

    Absolutely awesome!!! So much fun to use. Great customer service when we had one issue. 10/10 would recommend. The bells make it extra fun.

  224. Stephanie

    Beyond my expectations! These are so pretty and stay on nicely. I’m so glad I purchased them!

  225. Steven

    My wife will LOVE these! Thanks for your EXTREMELY fast S/H! Just as pictured, well almost lol.

  226. Summer

    I messaged to cancel and then changed my mind. I still got my order and the seller was super sweet about the wishy washy part on my end. 10/10 would recommend

  227. Tamme

    Good quality. Just as picture

  228. Taylor

    Beautiful but I can’t get them to stay on :/

  229. Tessa

    Arrived in a timely manner and were exactly as described!

  230. Thuri

    Very high quality crafting. They run a little small, though, so they’re not quite working for my nipples, unfortunately. I wish they were just a *little* more adjustable.

  231. Tia

    the quality of the item is made well. The item matched the description exactly. The item met my expectations. They are heavier than expected. They are beautiful , though .

  232. todd dubois

    Item is exactly what we were expecting. Unfortunately there was a small issue due to shipping and immediately a new one was sent to us to replace it. Very happy with everything!

  233. Tom

    Gift by mail so haven’t seen it. nNo complaints!

  234. Tracy

    The product is of good quality, shipping was fast, and my interactions with seller was flawless. 10/10.

  235. unpetitbijou

    Well, they say everything is bigger from Texas and these sure are. They very large and sturdy. I am too shy to post pics but take my word! I wanted them on a certain ship date in time for my husband’s Birthday so I had to contact the seller. This is not normally an item I would buy so I was hoping to get a woman retailer. Well, Tex is jeweler at heart and made me feel as at ease as if I was buying a pair of earrings. What a gentleman I could discuss the item with him with no more anxiety than if I was buying a coffeepot! He also sent me a surprise gift for a shipping delay that was not even his fault. DO NOT HESITATE to buy from this seller. The quality is as good as is his quick response and genteel manner. Thanks Tex!

  236. wendyhollis1

    Great product, fast shipping.

  237. William Rosenbaum

    These are high quality and work great. My wife loves them

  238. Yasbert

    Great craftsmanship

  239. ymew53

    nice item, exactly as described

  240. Yusuf

    I absolutely love these. The weight is just about how I like my clamps. These can be used for torture play as well. If you don’t personally like any pain there, I wouldn’t put them too tight as they are just screws pinning your nipple with no guard. These definitely get me excited though and my hubby loves how they look!

  241. Zikkiri

    The make, the stability, the option to take the bells and chain off, all fantastic. My -only- gripe is that there is no rubber stoppers on the ends of the screws, so my nipples naturally start to slip out of them in time.

  242. Zoe

    Little rubber grippers def provide sensation bordering on pain. Very strong springs.

  243. Heather

    I like the flower chain screw clamps; they’re adjustable which is nice. They are exactly as described. They are very pretty, good quality and easy to use. My partners like them on me too.

  244. Jennifer

    4th purvhase from Tex and I’ll keep coming back. Great customer service.

  245. Michelle

    Shipping was incredibly quick, and feels quality 🙂

  246. Nikki

    Molto carino

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