Star Screw Nipple Clamps

Turn on your inner submissive and submit to your master’s pleasure with these Star Screw Nipple Clamps! Master’s, provide pain or pleasure to your favorite sub. The choice is yours!!

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These beginner level Star Screw Nipple Clamps can be adjusted to fit tighter or looser by turning in the individual screws. They will not screw all the way to the center and are best suited for show/fun than pain. Easy to wear, adjustable and above all extremely sexy. Wear under your clothes to excite in private. Show off your style by wearing under a sheer top. Go topless and tease in public . . . if you dare!


Sold as a set of 2 pieces of jewelry, the Screw Clamps are made from nickel free, surgical steel.



Approx. 1 inch. (20 mm)



Tease the nipple a bit to make it hard before putting on the clamp. Comfortable fit will give an “erotic tease” if gently pulled.

Please note: This nipple clamp may not be suitable for flat or inverted nipples.

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 8 × 4 × 1 in

Black, Purple, Silver, Gold, Rose gold, Pink, Blue


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