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Blue Gem Stars Non Piercing Adjustable Nipple Ring
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Blue Gem Stars Non Piercing Adjustable Nipple Ring

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Show off your sexy splendor with our Blue Gem Stars. The center blue gem shines and sparkles while the surrounding star glitters. These make a perfect compliment to your blue scrunch butt bikini or add a touch of color to your birthday suit!!

The Blue Gem Stars non piercing nipple rings are made from nickel free, surgical steel. Each set has 2 nipple rings and each set comes with two sizes of clips (8 mm and 12 mm) to fit both small and larger size nipples. Clips can adjusted to fit tighter or looser by gently squeezing (or spreading) the ring together a bit.

Easy to wear, adjustable and above all extremely sexy. Wear under your clothes to excite in private. Show off your style by wearing under a sheer top. Go topless and tease in public . . . if you dare!

Approx. 1 inches x .75 inches (20 mm x 15 mm).

Tease the nipple a bit to make it hard before putting on the ring. Gently squeeze the prongs together until a comfortable fit has been achieved then release the prongs to allow it to clip on.

Comfortable fit will give an "erotic tease" if gently pulled, but will pop off if it gets caught on something.

Please note: This nipple loop may not be suitable for flat or inverted nipples.