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And what your brand does can serve a wide variety of people – which is good for business, but a major marketing… Today’s consumer has more power than ever, and marketers have to meet their target audience where they are by determining which platforms they’re… Many companies – and the marketing teams that support them – are rapidly adopting intelligent technology solutions to encourage operational… Marketing analytics is the practice of using data to evaluate the effectiveness and success of marketing activities…. Each of these methods fails to factor in the broader customer journey, as such marketers should avoid relying solely on these methods.

what is mobile marketing attribution

Attribution for PC games has traditionally been overlooked by games marketers, historically biasing towards brand spend instead of performance marketing. However, recent technological advancements by measurement partners such as Gamesight have unlocked the gaming market in recent years. Singular houses a robust suite of tools – including mobile attribution solutions, marketing analytics, fraud prevention solutions, and ad monetization analysis. It also offers automation of data standardization and cost-and-ROI reporting.

How to break your addiction to user level data – From user level centric to aggregate

In particular, analyzing post-install metrics can help you identify areas for improvement throughout your user journey and monetize your app strategically for the highest profit. We’ll take a look at how mobile attribution works from a technical standpoint, diving into how we find those data points and the information they contain. We’ll also delve into why mobile attribution https://www.xcritical.com/ is important, and the challenges marketers face with attribution. And you end up paying double or triple the CPI (cost per install) you should be paying. This is why attribution providers offer what is referred to as a universal SDK. The average customer uses 10 channels to communicate with companies, which means the digital marketing landscape is more fragmented than ever.

what is mobile marketing attribution

As a user, there is a journey you take from installing an app to using it. The right attribution metrics show a marketer important data points of a user’s interaction with the app, for example clicking an ad or making a purchase. First click, also known as first touch, attribution assigns the credit for a conversion to the first marketing channel used.


With so many touchpoints to consider, operational marketing roles are becoming more and more complex. Luckily, there are a number of marketing attribution models that have been introduced and evolved since the digital boom to account for multi-channel selling. Today a state-of-the-art mobile DSP can provide comprehensive options to target the most relevant audience precisely.

It can also help identify which channels are driving the most valuable traffic. Mobile attribution is one of the major tools to ensure marketers can create effective marketing strategies inside a multi-billion-dollar market. And while ongoing changes from industry leaders have disrupted the normal flow of things – innovative industry experts are already providing useful solutions. Attribution windows are an essential tool since there is usually a gap between seeing the ad and installation. This means that users could be mistaken as organic, causing ad inventory providers to lose out on money.

Importance of Mobile Attribution in Mobile Marketing

Fraud is a pervasive and dynamic problem for advertisers, ad networks and attribution providers. As mobile ad spend grows, so does fraud, as there is enough of a financial incentive for dubious actors. If you’re not doing attribution, ad networks can claim credit for an install they don’t deserve. If you’re marketing attribution definition scaling campaigns to several ad networks, each network that logged a touch on a multi-touch user journey can claim credit and charge you for an install. Unbiased attribution providers focus exclusively on attribution as their core business, ensuring impartiality and independence as a reliable third party.

  • Whether you’re looking for an introduction to marketing or just brushing up on definitions, we’ve compiled this overview of marketing attribution models as a guide.
  • With iOS being one of the major mobile platforms, this change
    will impact many organizations worldwide.
  • Your engine may be working well, but UA optimization requires thorough reporting on how users are recruited and how they behave after installation.
  • Various tools and good old-fashioned trial and error can help you compare marketing attribution models for the best outcome within your organization.
  • Attribution providers are not only reliable data warehouses, but also trusted partners in the ad ecosystem that maintain the status quo.

Contrary to first-click attribution, last-click attribution tracks the last ad users click on before installation. However, the problem with the last-click method is that it doesn’t always provide accurate attribution. For example, if an email campaign prompts a buying decision, but the user clicks on an AdWord ad, the marketing attribution automatically goes to AdWord and not your campaign. That said, last-click works best if you need insights into the action that drove the installation. Adjust is a mobile measurement partner (MMP) which means that it provides attribution services to any advertiser that incorporates paid marketing strategies for their apps. As an MMP, our job at Adjust is to attribute mobile install and post-install events to a source.

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